Marco BitranMarco Bitran states that now-a-days, energy sources are consumed heavily and it has become a difficult to save the resources. The demand and dependency on non-renewable sources is much but due to the excessive usage of the same the sources are diminishing. It is indispensable to search and develop alternative energy sources for survival. This has led to numerous discoveries under the renewable energy cluster and one of them is the use of compost in various things. Concerned about the environment, Marco Bitran, the founder and CEO of Al Exchange Inc launched a website to spread knowledge to all about usage of compost.

Marco Bitran (know more about him on earned a bachelor degree from MIT, and a Master’s in Business Administration from Harvard Business School. He currently resides in Brookline, Massachusetts explains to all about compost through several videos, blogs, pictures and many more. His idea and knowledge about the same can be checked online through videos and blogs.

He explains that compost is formed by decomposing organic material which does not involve any harmful chemical. The compost formed possesses green properties and it can be added to various types of soil to increase the nutrients of the soil. Compost is formed by reusing the material we have at home, so it is cheap and easy to make.

Certain things are required to keep in mind while forming compost. Four elements are required for compost formation and i.e. oxygen, bacteria, moisture and organic material. To make compost, we need to add brown and green both types of organic material such as manure and dead leaves and fruits and others. Water and oxygen enhance the process by supporting the bacteria already present to break everything down into usable compost