Cargo Ship Capsizes with Thousands of New Cars on Board

Photo credit: U.S. Coast GuardFrom Popular MechanicsA cargo vessel carrying several thousand new cars capsized on Sunday off the coast of Georgia, and four crew members are missing.According to Reuters, Hyundai and Kia vehicles were the cargo on board; the Korea Herald said the vehicles were headed to the Middle East for export and that…


A German sea captain who rescued countless migrants in the Mediterranean says she denied a medal of bravery due to the fact that it was hypocritical

Pia Kemp, a German boat captain and migrant-rights worker, says she is turning down a medal of bravery for her actions at sea because the medal represents the hypocrisy of how countries treat migrant issues. Kemp is preparing to stand trial in Italy for rescuing more than 1,000 migrants from unsafe conditions at sea, an…


Looking For Lost Sailboats

Early on a recent Saturday, Cherry Provost, usually a late riser, drove from her home, in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, to Remsenburg, on Long Island. She had come to watch the Dudley Trophy race. The race is the end-of-summer competition for Small Sloops, a type of sailboat built mostly by a single Center Moriches boatmaker…


Longcheer Private Yacht Club/ ZHUBO Design Group

Longcheer Yacht Club / ZHUBO Design Group © Yu Bai + 33 Architects Location Xindong Road, Nan'ao Town, Dapeng New District, Shenzhen, China Category Lead Architects Guochuan Feng, Yali Huai Design Team Zhen Wang, Xiaowen Gong, Shide Long, Xiaoni He, Jieqiong Wang, Tong Li, Hai Huang, Weiqi He(Internship) Engineering ZHUBO Design Group Co., Ltd Landscape…


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