The Aeronauts Is Deflated by a Too-Simplistic Tale of Female Experience

In the movies and elsewhere we’re now seeing more stories about women’s experience. Hooray! But there’s a downside: Now that there’s a perception that women’s stories sell (at least to a point), there’s also the temptation to make exaggerated feel-good parables in which women do amazing things while men just loll about cluelessly and arrogantly.…


Few Industries will not be Transformed by AR and VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) have already hit a home run with their immersive and realistic experiences. Both have quickly gained ground from gaming to healthcare and no industry is left unaffected by it. To further conquer the territory, the world is expected to have almost 14 million AR/VR devices at the end of…


Yes, Britain Is Convoying to Protect Its Ships from Iran

Key point: Since the summer, London has been working to protect any of its cargo ships from capture or harassment by Tehran.The Royal Navy destroyer HMS Duncan has arrived in the Persian Gulf,  temporarily doubling the number of British warships in the Persian Gulf following repeated Iranian attacks on British ships.The brief increase in British warships…



The Army Yachting Node (AYN) is organising the “SAIL INDIA 2019”, a National Senior and Junior Multiclass Regatta from 01 to 07 December at Marine Drive, Mumbai. This Regatta is slated to be the largest sailing event in the country, with an estimated participation of over 300 competitive sailors, 25 officials including four members of…


The cofounder of Chewy discusses how he produced a $10.2 billion empire selling pet food to millennials who treat their animals like their firstborn child

Ryan Cohen cofounded online pet food and supplies store at the age of 25. He sold the company to PetSmart for $3.35 billion in 2017 and stepped down as CEO in 2018. The company went public earlier this year. In a conversation with Business Insider, Cohen explained how he and cofounder Michael Day created an…


Teppotsavam at Bhadradi in deep waters?

Boat meant for the ensuing Teppotsavam (float festival) docked on the banks of the Godavari in Bhadrachalam of Bhadradri-Kothagudem district.   more-in Declining water level in Godavari may pose challenge to the celestial boat ride The Irrigation Department has a tough task at hand to ensure smooth sailing for the boat to be used as…


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