A Sailor’s EDC: Comparing the Victorinox Skipper and Skipper Pro

A Sailor’s EDC: Comparing the Victorinox Skipper and Skipper Pro

A Sailor’s EDC: Comparing the Victorinox Skipper and Skipper Pro

Cruising season is over, so I have actually been decompressing and examining some of the gear I used this past year. When you consider sailing knives Victorinox may not be the company that comes to mind, however they have some solid devoted sailing designs in their Skipper lineup.

I’ve been utilizing their initial Skipper for years and I like it. During the last 2 seasons I have actually likewise had a possibility to use a Skipper Pro

First, let me say that I’m a licensed sea and lakes sailor, in addition to being a sailing instructor in the past.

The Skipper

Skipper Body 01

The “routine” Skipper design is a fantastic choice for lake cruising or a little family-sized sailboat you ‘d take day-cruising along the coast.

In addition to the serrated blade, the Skipper includes precision pliers that are fantastic for controling safety pins, small bolts, nuts and other products. The Skipper’s regular shackle secret is suitable for many shackles you’ll find on these sort of boats.

The marlin spike that’s consisted of works fantastic on ropes from a half to three-quarter inch in size. The spike’s small tip-loop is also usable for approximately three-quarter inch rope. This tip-loop is a handy feature if you wish to complete a thick line with a great braid, made from something like a thin house line.

The blade of the Skipper does not work well one-handed, but this isn’t really required when cruising for enjoyment on something like a lake. In these situations there’s seldom a storm that will trigger you to just have one hand readily available.

When to Select the Skipper Pro

Skipper Pro Body 03

On most lakes (except perhaps the biggest in Canada) you can normally get back to the safety of a marina or a bank within a couple hours.

However if you’re setting out in your boat and intend on being days far from strong ground, the Skipper Pro is what you must think about. Think of setting out on an eighty foot long, two-mast cruising ship, or something even larger.

On such a boat the folding shackle secret and small pliers of the Skipper will be mainly useless, as the majority of these ships will have bolts 8-10 mm’s in diameter. This is where the Skipper Pro will shine. Additionally, the Pro accommodates ropes approximately a complete inch or more and includes a serious marlin spike.

Finally, the Skipper Pro offers an advantage when using it one-handed. Storms and other rough weather require that one of your hands be offered as a life support system.

Some Shared Features

Both knives feature a bottle opener that I truly take pleasure in. The Skipper does consist of a devoted Philips screwdriver, which I absolutely missed on the Pro.

The cork-screw on the Skipper isn’t something I discover useful, specifically as Sailor’s beverage grog!


Both the Skipper and Skipper Pro are great tools that work exactly as they’re designed. If you’re an expert sailor on a large private yacht, the Skipper Pro is a no-brainer for your on-deck work.

Editor’s Note: Piotr Ma is an avid outdoorsman, traveler, mountaineer and accredited ocean blue sailor. As a lover of quality gear, he’s constantly looking for the most uncompromising and best performing equipment readily available worldwide. He’s likewise called an edged tools professional. Piotr was presented to his daring way of life when he was 10 by his dad, a certified sailor and alpine-style climber. Now he continues his household tradition and shows his kids how to live a full life in the great outdoors; teaching them survival skills, shooting and archery. These days, he gladly shares his 30 years of outdoor experience with people around the globe from his existing place: Poland, European Union.

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